The life you desire for your children, is created at home – and it starts with YOU.

I am glad you are here. You are a strong woman, committed to giving the best to your children, and a gift to those around you. You tackle everything that comes your way: from diapers to moody teens;  buying last minute supplies for the project due tomorrow, getting dinner on the table, or planning classroom parties. You are a force at work – whether at an office or at home. You are everywhere you are needed, pouring love and putting out fires; making sure everyone’s needs are met.

You are involved. You are busy!  And exhausted…

You are not alone and I hear you! I hear your struggles, your exhaustion, your overwhelm. I hear your desire for balance, relaxation, and confidence in your parenting. I know how difficult it feels at times and I hear the voices that keep you from moving in the direction that your heart seeks.

I hear them every day from the mothers I coach, and for years they lived inside me too.

I also hear and feel the deep love you have for your children. And admire your very presence in this world, embracing this important task. Listen …

You were meant to thrive, not struggle.

Have you ever wondered why it is so hard? We are modern women living with “old tapes” inside. “Tapes” recorded over time, from generation to generation filled with rules and outdated concepts. You are probably hearing something like this: “I can’t take time for myself… It is selfish!” “I should be able to handle this alone.” “I don’t deserve it, my kids come first” “I can’t follow that Dream… what about my kids?” “I’m over-reacting.” “I yelled at my kids again… I’m a terrible mom…”

Do these sound familiar? Has listening to these beliefs been helpful at all?

What if you heard this instead: “What would become possible for me and my children if I were relaxed, empowered, and free?” “Who would I be as a mother? A spouse? A woman?”  “I know my children are watching me – when I’m thriving, how does it impact them?”

Your children deserve your best energy. It’s not selfish – it’s an act of generosity.

 By enhancing your life in any area you are struggling, you become a more powerful teacher for them, effectively meeting their needs. I’ve seen it happen over and over again. And it’s fantastic!

You are free to become who you’re meant to be (and so are they).  I want that for you. I want it for your children. You are all worth pushing through barriers.

 Let’s do this together.